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Daniel Bier

Daniel Bier is the executive editor of The Skeptical Libertarian.

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Who Is the Enemy?

If we're not to brand 99 percent of society as our enemies, we have to stop trying to cleave society into good and evil.

By the Numbers: Is the unemployment rate a “big lie”?

Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of the polling company Gallup, published an opinion piece this week denouncing the official unemployment rate of 5.6% as a “big lie.” It’s a lie, he says, repeated to make the Obama administration look good and deceive Americans about the economy. “The media loves a comeback story,” he writes, “the White House wants to score … Continued

Is the US becoming an economic oligarchy?

Recently Cathy published a piece at the Center For a Stateless Society titled “The New Oligarchs,” in which she argues that U.S. economy has become increasingly calcified, unequal, and immobile, with a new rentier class of financial oligarchs. It’s a provocatively pessimistic article, but there are number of points that bear closer scrutiny. “[I]n the 1970’s, the gap … Continued


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