Do you “believe” evolution? You should.

be·lief – biˈlēf/ – noun 1. an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists; something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction. There’s a popular meme among promoters of evolution that gets on my nerves, both as a matter of strategy and as a matter of fact. It’s a kind of … Continued

Whither God: Is Religion Fading In America?

Is religion on the decline? That’s what several recent polls seem to indicate. Today, a record 1 in 5 Americans say they do not belong to any religion; among those under 30, it’s more like 1 in 3. But Rodney Stark, co-director of the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, disagrees. In an op-ed in … Continued

Quote Files: James Madison on Christianity: ‘Superstition, Bigotry, and Persecution’

The Founding Fathers are always everyone’s top choice when looking to bolster their argument, and despite being a generally skeptical lot (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Paine, and Franklin were deists), they are frequently and inaccurately invoked by the religious to support the claim that “America was founded as a Christian nation.” But despite so many irreligious … Continued

A ‘Monstrous Absurdity’: Ayn Rand On Original Sin

This is an excerpt from John Galt’s lengthy speech at the end of Atlas Shrugged, and it deals with the notions of inherited guilt and ancestral sin, commonly known as “original sin”. Damnation is the start of your morality, destruction is its purpose, means and end. Your code begins by damning man as evil, then … Continued

Adam Savage’s Full Speech at the 2012 Reason Rally

We attended the 2012 Reason Rally last Saturday on the mall in Washington, DC, where 20,000 skeptics, atheists, and free thinkers braved the rain to listen to a great lineup of speakers, including the Mythbusters’ Adam Savage. This is the full transcript of his speech, which you can also watch in the video below. I have been … Continued

Skepticism and Free Will

Free will has been something of a hot topic recently, so I thought I’d put together a number of skeptical and libertarian discussions about choice, neuroscience, and related issues. Stefan Molyneux, a popular atheist Internet philosopher, is a staunch proponent of free will, and I respond to his argument in “‘Free Will’ Is a Free … Continued


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