‘Donald Trump’s most WTF moments happen when he tries to speak conservative’

“Trump still hasn’t really learned how to speak conservative. At best, he just repeats key phrases; at worst, he unleashes some mutated monstrosity, like a conservative talking point that had survived and evolved for generations underground. Trump caricatures conservatives in the same way some liberals do. Every time something like this happens, you can count … Continued

‘This Daily Beast Grindr Stunt Is Sleazy, Dangerous, and Wildly Unethical’

“Several athletes who are closeted at home (and possibly to their own teammates) will wake up on Thursday morning to the news that the Daily Beast has outed them. Their teammates could ostracize and alienate them; their families could disown them; their countries could imprison them. And for what? A homophobic article about how a … Continued

‘What Caused Baltimore’s Carnival of Violence?’

“Here’s a fun fact for you people: if Baltimore had New York’s population, we’d be clocking 4,000 murders a year.” – Deputy Commissioner Rawls, The Wire This year, it’s literally true. What Caused Baltimore’s Carnival of Violence?


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