Supreme Court Overturns Parts of Arizona’s Immigration Law

My coverage of the Supreme Court’s ruling at WatchdogWire:

“At the Supreme Court building this morning, spectators were on the edge of their seats as Justice Anthony Kennedy read the court’s ruling to strike down key provisions in Arizona’s immigration law.

The court did uphold the provision requiring officers to check the papers of those whom they suspect are in the United States illegally.

Outside the Supreme Court, citizen activist Ron Kirby held a sign that said “Thank you Arizona, Gov. Brewer, R. Pearce, K. Kobach.” The 67 year-old retired environmental engineer hadn’t heard much about the ruling, but just wanted to thank Arizona for handling such a tough issue. He said the case was a beginning to solving a problem that has affected every state. Kirby, who is originally from Texas and now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, said the issue isn’t with workers wanted to come to America to make a living, but with drug cartels sending people over the border.”

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