17 Best Teju Cole Tweets From Last Night

If you don’t follow Teju Cole (@tejucole) on Twitter, you’re regularly missing out on some of the best pithy social commentary on the web. Last night, he tweeted a long series of words and their true (but usually unspoken) interpretations in public discourse. I’ve given it the hashtag #TweetingBetweenTheLines.

The result was hilarious and devastatingly smart. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Me, by association; you, if you agree.

2. Good to “stand up for” / hide behind.

3. Be all, end all.

4. Terra incognita.

5. To save the village.

6. People.

7. “Precision guidance.”

8. Never let it go to waste.

9. Lie.

10. Its only mode of transit.

11. Better on paper.

12. “And where are you from originally?”

13. Only.

14. Like a wallet.

15. Mysterious, possibly scary.

16. Baffling, also possibly scary .

17. Peace.


The whole list is well worth reading.

Bonus: THIS.