Ron Paul Isn’t a Truther–It’s Worse.

Rare has a new piece rationalizing Ron Paul’s recent comments suggesting he had gone over to 9/11 Trutherism. It recounts Paul’s many denials of his belief in the “inside job” conspiracy theory, and, for good measure, provides another one direct from Paul himself. In an email to Rare, Paul said: “I have never changed my position on 9/11, and I do … Continued

Ron Paul’s BS Conspiracy Theory about MH17

Ron Paul is sure that the US government is engaging in a coverup about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down on July 17 near the Russian border over territory controlled by Ukrainian rebels. A coverup of what exactly? And why? And how does he know? These mysteries may never be solved. But let’s take a look at how … Continued

Dispatches from the Police State

The obvious consequence of granting an institutional monopoly on law enforcement is that police departments will feel no need to “please the consumer” because their consumers pay whether they like the service or not. Every week police officers abuse their power, injure law-abiding citizens, and usually get away with it. This week’s headlines are no … Continued