Congress, Get Used to Being Near Convicts

Congress’s last few months have been filled with plenty of fear mongering. Between the ISIS “menace” and the Ebola “crisis,” Congress still had some time to spend humiliating a security guard over his “criminal history” after he escorted the president at a Center for Disease Control (CDC) facility. But politicians who spent the last 40 … Continued

Stop Freaking Out About Americans With ISIS

Perhaps nothing has added to the war hysteria more than the threat posed by Americans who have gone to fight for ISIS. “Trained and battle-hardened,” President Obama said in his primetime war speech, “these fighters could try to return to their home countries and carry out deadly attacks.” This vague possibility is as close as … Continued

Five Signs Obama’s War Is Failing

Every time that the U.S. conducts airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria it issues a press release, which the media immediately reproduces, telling us that bombs were dropped, ISIS targets were destroyed, and all planes departed safely. With so much destruction under way, the reader is left with the impression that much progress is being made, … Continued

GOP’s New “Principles” Will “Defend the Constitution”… Rhetorically

Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus debuted the GOP’s list of 11 “Principles for American Renewal” in a bring-back-the-90s speech that tried to recall the party’s Contract with America. Its first “new” principle is that “our constitution should be preserved, valued and honored.” Yet unlike his other “principles,” Priebus has absolutely no suggestions about what this one … Continued

U.S. Still Considering Bombing Syrian Government

President Obama may have been forced to back down from his threat to bomb the Assad regime in Syria last year after a massive public outcry, but that doesn’t mean it ever left the agenda. Within less than a week of bombing of ISIS, the U.S. is already considering imposing a “no-fly zone” against the … Continued

ISIS Is Still “JV”: Obama’s Infamous Line Is Still True

President Obama has a way with words. Unfortunately, that way almost always leads to boxing himself into positions that he never intended to take. An off-hand comment at a press conference about a chemical weapons “red line” turns into a case for war by itself. A misinterpreted remark about “not having a strategy” motivates a … Continued

State Dept Unsure What “Lose” Means in Syria

America’s taste for getting into no-win wars with undefinable goals is well-known, although rarely stated as honestly as it was yesterday by State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf. When asked whether the U.S. would “lose” if the U.S. doesn’t insert ground troops into Syria, Harf replied candidly: “I’m not exactly sure what ‘lose’ means.” To lose, you have … Continued

Kerry: No End to the War Even if We Destroy ISIS

In any conflict, the most important consideration is the definition of success. As George W. Bush found, it’s critical to know when to hang the “Mission Accomplished” banner. In Syria, the White House’s definition of success is the destruction of ISIS, but the question is: when will they be “destroyed”? If ISIS changes their name … Continued