War on IS/ISIL/ISIS: How a War on a Name Means Bomb Everyone

“Degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIL is the mission for Syria. But few people have considered what it would take to make good on those seemingly simple and direct words. The complexity of the mission is implied by the name of the target itself: are we at war with the “Islamic State”? Or is it the … Continued

Five Reasons the U.S. War on ISIS Is About Nation-Building

America is once again at war in the Middle East, dropping bombs and inserting “advisers” on the ground in two countries. Americans seem supportive of the stated mission – destroying one division of the cross border insurgency known as ISIS – but they will increasingly grow tired of the actual mission: regime change in Syria. … Continued

Indy Police Chief: We Are a Paramilitary Organization At War

It’s not just libertarians who believe that police have become militarized. It’s police themselves. Last week, Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite told his city council that he sees himself as a “soldier in an army” and his police force as “paramilitary organization” that is preparing for “battle.” With the issue of police militarization still hot after … Continued

List of Obama Officials Who Say ISIS Is Not Plotting Against the U.S.

The U.S. is about to enter a war against an enemy that has no capability or apparently even the desire to attack the United States. In fact, as the BBC reported, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “acknowledged that his organisation was not equipped to attack the Americans at home.” Furthermore, the U.S. government itself isn’t even … Continued

Why the Real Goal of Obama’s War on ISIS Is Regime Change in Syria

Last year, war-weary Americans forced President Obama and congressional leaders to abandon an ill-advised attack on the Assad regime in Syria. Now, nearly one year to the day later, the president has decided that it is again time to drop bombs in Syria. But this time, the targets will be a subsection of the rebels, known … Continued

The Bizarre Outcome of SCOTUS’s Decision on Legislative Prayers

When government entangles itself with religion in any manner, it ultimately leads to strange outcomes. During the period prior to the West’s embrace of religious freedom, governments involved themselves in all manner of religious matters. The Supreme Court’s decision Monday to allow legislatures to have Christian prayers and paid chaplains will regrettably throw governments back into the religion … Continued

“Never Again” and the Iraq War

Every September 11th, Americans—mostly our political class—gather in New York City or Washington D.C. to say, “Never again.” Never again will we allow 19 deranged terrorists hijack plans and fly them into buildings in America—a vain and hollow promise, as if simply by making an act of will we could have prevented the 3,000 deaths … Continued

Washington State’s Minimum Wage Does Cause Unemployment

Here’s great business advice: raising your prices won’t affect how many consumers you have. That’s the argument proposed by those who favor raising the minimum wage. Employment won’t be affected by forcibly raising the cost of labor. Despite the absurdity of this and the broad agreement among economists that the minimum wage will have negative … Continued