We Are Not Going Anywhere: Why Super Tuesday Does Not Matter

On the drive back home after a day of Spring Break diversion I indulged my masochistic desire to be cosmopolitan by listening to NPR. As someone presently contemplating anarchism, my frustration as a listener was perhaps inevitable. However, regular contributor E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post made a particularly unsavory point during a “Week In Politics” … Continued

The Media and Iran’s Non-Nuclear Weapons Program

“If we reelect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And if we elect Mitt Romney, if you’d like me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon,” presidential candidate Mitt Romney said at the GOP debate on foreign policy last November. “Our current president has made it very clear that … Continued

Ron Paul, Iran Propaganda, and the Media’s Lies about Iraq

Pres. Bush’s “Shock and Awe” against Iraq GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul was interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan Friday. Repeatedly, Morgan pressured Paul about Iran. First he launched the hypotheticals, “If Iran was to strike at Israel, what would you do?” “If you believed Iran had enough enriched uranium to genuinely launch a nuclear attack … Continued

Conservative CPAC Host Has (Another) War Criminal Give “Hero” Award

The American Conservative Union (ACU) has asked retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. Oliver North to present the “American Heroes Award” at this year’s upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). In 1989, North was convicted for his role in Iran-Contra, a scheme that included illegally selling weapons to the Iranian military and using the proceeds to fund the … Continued