Leftists accuse Kochs of helping poor minorities go to college

Charles and David Koch are prolific philanthropists, patronizing art, science, medicine, education, and public policy. Sounds wonderful, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, their libertarian philosophy isn’t an approved variation of self-hatred and hypocritical cant required by the progressive left, so their money can do no good to anyone. In fact, their charitable gifts are even more suspect than simply hoarding their money […] Read more

Liberty.ME Interview: Good Science, Bad Bureaucracy, and Matthew McConaughey

I chatted with Kyle Platt of Liberty.me about the consequences of superstition and pseudoscience that I outlined in my article “What’s the Harm?”. We talked liberal science denial, bad bureaucracy, and the dreaminess of Matthew McConaughey. Video and brief excerpts below. KP: You say the cost of [scientific] misinformation is too large to ignore, and that it’s “a […] Read more

Should Homophobes Be Fired?

I’ve been vocally and financially supporting legalizing gay marriage for a long time, so I’ll admit to some schadenfreude when OKCupid called out Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for supporting Prop 8′s ban on same-sex marriage. But lest we forget, most Californians did. Are we to cut off business, social, and political relationships with all of them? There’s been […] Read more