The Scarcity of Black Atheists and the Limits of “Atheism”

Sikivu Hutchinson, founder of the Black Skeptics Group, has a very interesting blog at the Washington Post about the atheist community’s race problem. She notes that African Americans tend to be more religious than other Americans, and also that the self-described atheist movement tends to be overwhelmingly white, well-educated, and affluent. As a result, there is a mismatch between the […] Read more

Leftists accuse Kochs of helping poor minorities go to college

Charles and David Koch are prolific philanthropists, patronizing art, science, medicine, education, and public policy. Sounds wonderful, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, their libertarian philosophy isn’t an approved variation of self-hatred and hypocritical cant required by the progressive left, so their money can do no good to anyone. In fact, their charitable gifts are even more suspect than simply hoarding their money […] Read more

Next Time You Hear About a “Fascist Coup” in Ukraine, Remember This Chart

One line of Kremlin propaganda you hear a lot from Confused Pro-Putin Libertarians and the pseudo-antiwar (but really just anti-Western) left is that there was a “fascist coup” or “right-wing takeover” of Ukraine, and that as a result, Putin needed to invade Crimea (and quite possibly other Ukrainian provinces soon) to “protect” ethnic Russians and Jews from […] Read more

The Evolution of Sunk Costs: Is Concorde Reasoning Always a Fallacy?

Adam Gurri has an interesting post over at The Umlaut about the evolution of a particular kind of specious reasoning, the so-called Concorde Fallacy, in which he postulates that it is not actually (or was not always) an error. The fallacy involves valuing a project based on how much you’ve already invested, its “sunk costs,” rather than on the present value of its future returns minus the present value of its future costs. […] Read more