“You don’t seem to have any reasons.” Posner eviscerates arguments for “traditional” marriage laws

In oral arguments for the gay marriage case Wolf v. Walker (mp3) on Tuesday, Judge Richard Posner took aim at Wisconsin’s Attorney General Timothy Samuelson right of the gate. Posner: “Why doesn’t Wisconsin permit joint adoption by same-sex couples?” Samuelson: “Uh, respectfully your honor, uh, that’s a question for the legislature, uh I don’t have a […] Read more

This is what happens when you call the cops (in Ferguson).

An unarmed teen gets shot. A mayor bans a protest rally. Government crack down with military equipment and tactics. Protests turn into riots. News helicopters are prohibited.  Journalists are arrested for filming. Cops tear gas news crews. Wow, at this screenshot from @fox2now of a cameraman in the tear gas. pic.twitter.com/cqT1JZjQwm — Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) August […] Read more