Is the US becoming an economic oligarchy?

Recently Cathy published a piece at the Center For a Stateless Society titled “The New Oligarchs,” in which she argues that U.S. economy has become increasingly calcified, unequal, and immobile, with a new rentier class of financial oligarchs. It’s a provocatively pessimistic article, but there are number of points that bear closer scrutiny. “[I]n the 1970’s, the gap […] Read more

Social Science Denialism: Global Warming Is About More Than Climate

The following is a guest piece by Prof. Steve Horwitz of St. Lawrence University, reproduced from The Freeman, clarifying the parameters of climate change debates and the tools needed to resolve them. Comments follow. Both sides in the debate over global warming are known for calling their opposition all kinds of derisive names.  Perhaps the worst is “denier” to […] Read more

The Ante Hoc Fallacy

Whenever I argue with conspiracy theorists, I often run into a kind of logical fallacy that I’d like to dub the ante hoc fallacy. In the post hoc, ergo propter hoc (“after this, therefore because of this”) fallacy, the reasoner assumes that because one event follows another, the second was caused by the first. In the ante hoc (“before this”) fallacy, […] Read more

Islam and Europe’s False Debate: Denial vs. Xenophobia

Following the brutal massacre at the French paper Charlie Hebdo, Yascha Mounk has posted an interesting piece over at Slate (“Europe’s Brutal Truth“) about the false debate in European politics between right-wing hatred of Muslim immigrants (“They must be stopped!”) and left-wing denial of any problems with Islam (“It’s not about religion!”). While the European far right points to Islamic terrorism […] Read more

Nobody Cares if Torture “Works”

I’ve long thought that, like the death penalty, support for torture is more about exacting retribution against bad people than it is about the utility of the policy in protecting good people. This why I expect that the Senate’s report detailing the horrors of the CIA’s torture program and debunking claims about its effectiveness in preventing terrorism […] Read more