Social Science Denialism: Global Warming Is About More Than Climate

The following is a guest piece by Prof. Steve Horwitz of St. Lawrence University, reproduced from The Freeman, clarifying the parameters of climate change debates and the tools needed to resolve them. Comments follow. Both sides in the debate over global warming are known for calling their opposition all kinds of derisive names.  Perhaps the worst is “denier” to […] Read more

Ron Paul Isn’t a Truther–It’s Worse.

Rare has a new piece rationalizing Ron Paul’s recent comments suggesting he had gone over to 9/11 Trutherism. It recounts Paul’s many denials of his belief in the “inside job” conspiracy theory, and, for good measure, provides another one direct from Paul himself. In an email to Rare, Paul said: “I have never changed my position on 9/11, and I do […] Read more

CBS Los Angeles Copies Creationist Talking Points

A CBS affiliate in Los Angeles appears to have copied substantial portions of an article about a creationist’s lawsuit against California State University, Northridge. Sentences and entire paragraphs seem to have been lifted directly from a press release of the Pacific Justice Institute, the conservative legal foundation that filed the lawsuit. The case concerns the termination of Mark Armitage, […] Read more