CBS Los Angeles Copies Creationist Talking Points

A CBS affiliate in Los Angeles appears to have copied substantial portions of an article about a creationist’s lawsuit against California State University, Northridge. Sentences and entire paragraphs seem to have been lifted directly from a press release of the Pacific Justice Institute, the conservative legal foundation that filed the lawsuit. The case concerns the termination of Mark Armitage, […] Read more

The Scarcity of Black Atheists and the Limits of “Atheism”

Sikivu Hutchinson, founder of the Black Skeptics Group, has a very interesting blog at the Washington Post about the atheist community’s race problem. She notes that African Americans tend to be more religious than other Americans, and also that the self-described atheist movement tends to be overwhelmingly white, well-educated, and affluent. As a result, there is a mismatch between the […] Read more