The Scarcity of Black Atheists and the Limits of “Atheism”

Sikivu Hutchinson, founder of the Black Skeptics Group, has a very interesting blog at the Washington Post about the atheist community’s race problem. She notes that African Americans tend to be more religious than other Americans, and also that the self-described atheist movement tends to be overwhelmingly white, well-educated, and affluent. As a result, there is a mismatch between the […] Read more

Liberty.ME Interview: Good Science, Bad Bureaucracy, and Matthew McConaughey

I chatted with Kyle Platt of about the consequences of superstition and pseudoscience that I outlined in my article “What’s the Harm?”. We talked liberal science denial, bad bureaucracy, and the dreaminess of Matthew McConaughey. Video and brief excerpts below. KP: You say the cost of [scientific] misinformation is too large to ignore, and that it’s “a […] Read more

Private Schools Teach Bad Science? Public Schools Teach Science Badly.

People on the political left often complain about the small fraction of students in America who go to private schools that teach some bad science (creationism and the like). Americans do struggle with science–conservatives with evolution, liberals with heliocentrism–so this is an important issue. It comes up most frequently in the context of voucher programs […] Read more

Big Pharma vs. Big Placebo

  Americans spend $28 billion a year on organic food and $34 billion a year on “alternative medicine.”  By contrast, the vaccine market is less than $13 billion.  So please, spare me the Manichean narrative about how Big Pharma is driven only by greed and tells lies to a credulous public, while the naturopaths are walking […] Read more