Graphic: The Scope and Scale of Police Militarization

Though police militarization involves many things (most notably a change in attitude and strategy), the visible signs of it — camouflage “battle dress uniforms”, armored vehicles, machine guns, and helicopters — are the direct result of a Pentagon program to funnel unused military equipment to local police. And since the wars in the Middle East have wound … Continued

By the Numbers: Methodological Notes on Police Fatalities and Assaults

My inbox and Facebook comments are awash with angry protestations about my article on law enforcement fatalities and my follow up post on police assaults and injuries. This is a charged and complex issue, and there are many different ways of looking at it, so I anticipated this. Here are some notes about the methodology I used to study the … Continued

The War’s Over—Free Tanks for Everyone!

Recently, police departments all over the country have gotten their hands on vehicles that most Americans haven’t seen outside of war coverage. From Yreka, California to Dallas, Texas to Ohio State University, police are acquiring mine-resistant armored personnel carriers (MRAPs)–heavily armored vehicles that are designed to stand up against insurgent attacks. What’s going on here? … Continued