The myth that Republicans want less government

The myth that “Republicans want less government” is just not true. Both parties want as much government as they can get away with. The recent bipartisan effort to cut nothing and pretend as if it cut almost everything proves the point. Boehner’s “largest cuts in history” actually increased spending, but it didn’t surprise independent voters who had already discovered that both parties are the same.

The fact is that Republicans may pose a greater threat to freedom and limited government because while they do nothing to promote them, they actually talk about those things. The future is not going to be protected by Republicans, nor will it be protected by Democrats. Rather the future will be to any candidate who markets themselves under new titles, if not new parties.

The collapse of the two party duopoly is already under way. “Libertarian” conservatives, “Tea Party” Republicans, and “Anti-War” Democrats are just beginning. When the nation rejects Obama’s corporatism and war just as they rejected Bush’s, the new litmus test for voters will not be Democrat or Republican—but “independent” or “status-quo.”