Women In Combat May Kill the Draft – Or Expand It

Senior Pentagon officials today leaked the news that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta plans to end the military’s long-standing ban on women serving in combat. This decision, which could potentially give women access to over 230,000 previously denied roles, comes on the heels of last year’s move that opened up over 14,000 combat positions to … Continued

The Bright Silver Linings On the Edge of the Election

For libertarians, it can be frustrating to watch elections: no matter which party wins, all to often, we lose. The same was true of this year, as President Obama was ushered into a second term by voters. But it wasn’t all bad: good news trickled in from across the country tonight, from ballot initiatives on … Continued

Libertarians Should NOT Vote Republican (or Democrat)

The Wall Street Journal has published an article on what has now become a distinct genre in political journalism: why libertarians should vote Republican. Normally these articles warrant no rebuttal, amounting to little more than hysteria about “Obama-the-Socialist,” but this piece was written by Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. He defended … Continued

Six Non-Conspiratorial Reasons Democracy Produced Such Pathetic Candidates

America’s favorite reality television program, the presidential election, aired its latest episode this week. As I have argued previously, presidential debates and television debates in particular degrade public discourse by their very nature, regardless of who the candidates are. Nonetheless, it is hard to ignore the two men seeking to be chief executive. For the conspiratorial, … Continued

How Debates Make Us Dumber

The people have had their bread—now it’s time for their circus. 1.      Their standard for excellence. The first way debates make us dumber is by forcing us to accept a standard for excellence that is utterly irrelevant to public policy, knowledge, or virtue. Debate success is the one-liner. Debate failure is the gaffe. In a … Continued

TSL’s New YouTube Account: “Obama’s War Crimes: The U.S. Drone War”

“If there’s an Arab-American family that is being rounded up without benefit of an attorney or due process, that threatens my civil liberties,” proclaimed Barack Obama during his famous Democratic National Convention Speech in 2004. “It is that fundamental belief–I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper–that makes this country work.” How far he … Continued

Libertarians Have Led Same-Sex Marriage Fight

 Something many people don’t realize is that gay marriage has been legalized by state legislatures in just three states, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. Given the popular support for gay marriage nationwide, it is simply deplorable that so little has been accomplished so far. More states have decriminalized marijuana than extended the equal rights … Continued