“Confused” Democracy v. One Man Rule

MisilesListening to the DC commentariat talk about Syria is naturally mind-numbing, but perhaps the most infuriating line of arguments are about how “confused” we (as a nation) look for going to Congress and debating this “limited action” (let’s not call it a war).

Because we don’t follow the script of one single mind, and could potentially reject the view of that single mind, we are said to be “undermining the credibility of the presidency.” It’s ironic: we go to war abroad to reject the tyranny of One Man Rule, but start the war by demanding it at home.

Secretary of State John Kerry put it succinctly: “The president believes the United States of America should take military action… He has the right to do that no matter what Congress does. That is his right.” A right to use violence without limit, without check, without review–a power we seek to destroy overseas, we nurture here.