3 Reasons Not to Sweat the “Mainstream Media”

If there’s one thing all self-proclaimed non-conformists hate (and, hate to say it, guys, but there are many) it’s the media. Rather, The Media. The Mainstream Media (or MSM, as the cool kids call it). It’s the shadowy cartel organized by your political opponents to brainwash the sleeping masses and turn the people in sheep. … Continued

9 Debate Tactics for Defenders of Pseudoscience

Defend the Woo 1. Learn a bunch of scientific terms. You don’t have to know what they mean–it kinda helps if you don’t–just know what they are. When engaged in a debate, fling them around without remorse. Hopefully this will confuse or intimidate your opponent into submission. Good examples are “variables,” “controlled environment,” “toxicity,” “quantum,” “double … Continued