On the Usefulness of Debates

If history is any indicator… Paul Krugman sure doesn’t like debates. Of course, when Paul Krugman doesn’t like something, it automatically means that thing is useless (like saving). It’s a petulant attitude that compares to my seven-year-old calling vegetables stupid and declaring his wish for all vegetables to die. For what reason could these ghastly … Continued

The Roads

 I, Roads But, who would take care of the roads! Or the airports! Or the [insert state-monopolized capital asset here]! And that’s where someone asks you a question that is impossible to answer. The Statist Roads Argument (SRA) rears its silly head. If someone asks you how a pencil is made, I’ve come to realize … Continued

How Liberals and Conservatives Are Losing the Battle of Ideas

The Young Activitists New ideas, by their very nature, find root in the fertile soil of young minds. Liberals are no longer the bearers of new ideas. Conservatives are still ridiculous. Both groups are hoping enough interested people are out there who prefer their brand of statism and phony philosophies, both of which have been … Continued