3 Reasons Big Pharma Conspiracy Theories Fail

“Whenever I see the U.S. government, its subordinate governments, the UN, the drug industry, the CDC, the AMA, the American hospital association — all these vast powers within the medical and scientific world — united in pushing one extremely expensive thing and crushing any dissent, I think its time to have another look.” – Lew Rockwell … Continued

Libertarians Should NOT Vote Republican (or Democrat)

The Wall Street Journal has published an article on what has now become a distinct genre in political journalism: why libertarians should vote Republican. Normally these articles warrant no rebuttal, amounting to little more than hysteria about “Obama-the-Socialist,” but this piece was written by Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. He defended … Continued

Five Reasons Serious TV Debates Are Impossible

If you’re looking for a sober intellectual dialogue on the state of American public policy, don’t watch presidential debates. Tonight’s debate will repudiate every requirement for such a discussion. It will remove serious ethical questions from their philosophical foundations and offer answers fit only for bumper stickers and thirty second soundbites. It will teach us … Continued

Why Libertarians Should Support Science-Based Medicine

“These ‘skeptical libertarians’ on Facebook seem to be most skeptical of actual skeptics i.e., people who question the media-approved version of events, or the infallibility of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, which these alleged skeptics treat like a holy priesthood,” writes author Tom Woods. “I am fine with the scientific method. What I am not fine with … Continued

Why Libertarians Should Oppose Conspiracy Theories

“Bilderberg conspiracies have become a handicap for the Liberty Movement,” says conservative commentator Jack Hunter in a recent article. “Bilderberg conspiracy theorists have become a political handicap. The Birthers probably have a few interesting points to make, but this doesn’t change the fact that their argument is toxic. It doesn’t change the fact that their rhetoric damages … Continued