Social Science Denialism: Global Warming Is About More Than Climate

Both sides in the debate over global warming are known for calling their opposition all kinds of derisive names.  Perhaps the worst is “denier” to describe those who allegedly deny that global warming is “real.”  The echoes of Holocaust denial are indeed offensive, particularly because the debate over global warming often conflates science with social … Continued

5 Questions For a Skeptical Libertarian: Drugs, Climate, and Utopia

I recently got an email from a student from Norway with five questions about libertarianism that I thought were worth a response. They cover a broad range of subjects, so I’ll try to be brief. My answers are not intended be definitive of “the” libertarian position, but they represent my current thinking on a number … Continued

Solar Tariffs Expose Administration’s Crony Intentions

The Obama administration has rolled out new tariffs on Chinese solar manufacturers. These new taxes will make solar energy more expensive, which will make environmentalists’ clean energy dream even more difficult to obtain. In other words, this action shows conclusively that this industry exists to benefit Obama Inc., not the American public. Obama’s excuse for this move … Continued