The Population Horror Show

This past Halloween, the scariest thing for the World Bank and the United Nations wasn’t the costumes. It was the children. News that the world population passed 7 billion October 31, 2011 has brought the usual doom-and-gloom predictions about famine, resource scarcity, and poverty. To many, it seems, people are a problem The U.N. Population … Continued

The “Libyan Model” Won’t Save Syria

Congressional Republicans are pressuring the White House this week to intervene in Syria. They are basing their case, bizarrely enough, on the president’s war in Libya. “I think the Libyan model could serve us well,” Sen. Lindsay Graham said this week. “We need to help the rebels militarily, economically, and let Assad know that he is an … Continued

Buried At Sea?: The conspiracy theory that will not die

The Story Leaked emails from the intelligence company Statfor show that one of the company’s executives did not believe Osama bin Laden’s corpse was buried at sea after being killed in Pakistan last year. Needless to say, conspiracy theorists are going ape-shit over this, claiming that the handful of dubious emails leaked by Wikileaks prove some as yet … Continued