Why the Real Goal of Obama’s War on ISIS Is Regime Change in Syria

Last year, war-weary Americans forced President Obama and congressional leaders to abandon an ill-advised attack on the Assad regime in Syria. Now, nearly one year to the day later, the president has decided that it is again time to drop bombs in Syria. But this time, the targets will be a subsection of the rebels, known … Continued

NSA Surveillance Program Is Unreasonable, Unwarranted, and Unconstitutional

In his latest post at Ricochet.com, libertarian law professor Richard Epstein responded to criticism of his earlier op-ed, co-authored with Cato’s Roger Pilon, defending the NSA’s secret data-gathering programs. While conceding factual errors on a couple of points, Epstein maintained his core argument that the mass surveillance of millions of Americans’ internet and telecommunications data constitutes both … Continued

Is President Obama Ending Perpetual War, Or Institutionalizing It?

“President Obama Vows to End the Perpetual War”–so reads the New York Times‘ editorial about President Obama’s speech on counter-terrorism policy. The Times hailed the president’s remarks as a “momentous turning point in post-9/11 America,” but given Mr. Obama’s history of broken pledges, failed expectations, and underwhelming performance, we are less than enthusiastic about this latest among … Continued

Don’t Let Boston Derail the Discussions on Immigration Reform

Guest post by Sandra Sanchez. Cross-posted from our friends at Thoughts on Liberty. In the later half of the 20th Century, the Central American country of Nicaragua was undergoing a revolution. In 1983, two Nicaraguan immigrants came to the United States seeking asylum due to the Nicaraguan Revolution. Both of them were children of the Revolution and … Continued

The Long Emergency: 4,000 Days At War

A version of this article appeared in Students For Liberty’s blog on September 11, 2012. “The world has changed, and we’re not going back to where we were. I find one of the sillier ideas — and you hear it all the time — is the notion that American policy has been ‘hijacked’ by a … Continued


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