Piketty Roundup and the Non-Contradictions of Capitalism

I don’t have time to do a review of Thomas Piketty’s magisterial work on income and wealth inequality, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, but fortunately, everyone who’s anyone has already done it for me. While I continue to slog my way through its 700 pages, here are several illuminating reviews: Randall Holcombe’s continuing series of posts at The Beacon are generally good, but his second was … Continued

The Bizarre Outcome of SCOTUS’s Decision on Legislative Prayers

When government entangles itself with religion in any manner, it ultimately leads to strange outcomes. During the period prior to the West’s embrace of religious freedom, governments involved themselves in all manner of religious matters. The Supreme Court’s decision Monday to allow legislatures to have Christian prayers and paid chaplains will regrettably throw governments back into the religion … Continued

Don’t mention your relationship–it’s “real-life feminist theory.”

This example of “feminist theory at work” comes from a blog post by Alecia Eberhardt called Stop Saying “I Have A Boyfriend”. Like similar not-even-half-assed feminist analyses of minor cultural phenomena, my first mental reaction was, “Well… I suppose that’s… wait a minute, what the hell?” The argument goes like this: Eberhardt enjoys “going out” (yes, in quotes) to bars and clubs, and … Continued

“Never Again” and the Iraq War

Every September 11th, Americans—mostly our political class—gather in New York City or Washington D.C. to say, “Never again.” Never again will we allow 19 deranged terrorists hijack plans and fly them into buildings in America—a vain and hollow promise, as if simply by making an act of will we could have prevented the 3,000 deaths … Continued

Want to see the future? Open borders.

Global restrictions on migration are holding the world economy back by two decades. The economic loss we suffer every single year as a result of governments’ arbitrary barriers on labor mobility is equivalent to the next 20 years of economic growth. Simply put, lifting restrictions on immigration would double world GDP.1 We can get a headstart … Continued

Washington State’s Minimum Wage Does Cause Unemployment

Here’s great business advice: raising your prices won’t affect how many consumers you have. That’s the argument proposed by those who favor raising the minimum wage. Employment won’t be affected by forcibly raising the cost of labor. Despite the absurdity of this and the broad agreement among economists that the minimum wage will have negative … Continued

Team “Do Something” Is Winning

Foreign policy statists react to foreign crises the same way progressives react to mass shootings: demanding policy proposals that will do nothing to fix the problem, but will make them feel like they’re morally superior to the “Do-Nothing” crowd. Fortunately for team “Do-Something,” they have home court advantage (saturating the greater Washington D.C. area as … Continued